Latino Book & Family Festival

The North San Diego Latino Book & Family Festival

The event seeks to provide a setting to learn & be exposed to opportunities. We believe that community success is limited by access to resources.

Once again, the Latino Book & Family Festival will be hosted as a virtual event. This will be the 69th festival since 1997. For this 2021 Virtual Event, a team of community leaders, educators, librarians, and Award Winning Authors have come together to ensure that the event is well organized, well attended, and has a great array of workshops, activities, and entertainment.

Attend and learn from keynote speakers, workshop presenters and Award Winning Authors!

The event will start on Saturday, August 7th and will end on November 6th, 2021. This will be a three-month effort that will have programing every month. The presentation topics will be on education for K-12, college success, art, music, literacy, writing, books, entertainment, and community engagement.



Ago 07 2021 - Nov 06 2021

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