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North County Informador

Informador will be an eNews Publication targeting Latino households in North San Diego County. The ePub is tied to a comprehensive website for articles and events – content we know from 68 Festivals we’ve held and research we know the community desires. Our starting frequency is issues roughly twice a month. A complete chart of issues is included.

The Need

While North San Diego is home to roughly 330,000 Latinos, making it one of the 30 largest Latino markets in the USA, there are no meaningful local Latino media consistently serving this community. The issues and needs for North County Latinos are different than the largely urban South County.

What Makes Us Different

The publication is an outgrowth of the Latino Book & Family Festivals that Empowering Latino Futures has been holding since 1997. The 68 Festivals that we’ve held provided information, resources, ideas, and new ways of thinking for the attendees. That is what we are seeking Informador to do. Empowering Latino Futures has numerous North County partners in the Education, Nonprofit Services, and Government program fields. Informing people about their programs is the cornerstone of why Informador will work. We have worked on a highly targeted audience for the publication. Our publisher, Kirk Whisler, has more than four decades of solid Latino media experience and in 1982 was honored to serve as the founding President of the National Association of Hispanic Publications, the oldest and largest Latino media organization. Much of his media and entertainment industry work over the years has been on reaching highly targeted Latino markets.


There are an estimated 330,000 Latinos in North San Diego, living in approximately 85,000 households. Latinos have represented 63% of ALL growth within San Diego County in the past decade. Latinos in North San Diego County average 3.9 people per household, far above the non-Latino average.
Minimum audience: 7,500 readers

Targetted Communities

Bonsall, Carlsbad, Encinitas, Escondido, Fallbrook, Oceanside, San Marcos, Solana Beach, Valley Center, and Vista. Our target communities also include Murrieta and Temecula from Southwest Riverside County.

Empowering Latino Futures

When actor Edward James Olmos and Kirk Whisler co-founded in 1997 what is now the 501c3 nonprofit Empowering Latino Futures we saw the organization as both a facilitator for Latinos to have more access to a multitude of resources to help improve their futures AND to help mainstream America view the Latino community in more accurate, less stereotypical ways. Over the last two and a half decades our collective accomplishments include:
  • Holding 68 Latino Book & Family Festivals around the USA, combined attendance of 900,000+ people;
  • Honoring 3,194 books via the International Latino Book Awards;
  • Producing and distributing 182,500 copies of the National Latino & American Indian Scholarship Directory; and
  • Distributing 155,000+ books to underserved youth via Education Begins in the Home.
North County Informador


Publisher, Kirk Whisler, 760-579-1696, kirk@whisler.com
Executive Editor: Ana Patiño, 760-689-2317, ana@ EmpoweringLatinoFutures.org
Guest Editors
Jacqueline Ayala, Libraries
Edward Becerra, Community Service
Alina González-Hernandez, Art/Culture & Food
Becky Krinsky, Latina Issues
League of Women Voters, Civic Engagement
Lisa Montes, Community Service & Food
Bea Palmer, Education
Rita Sosa, Business
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Editorial Deadline: Wednesday 10 days prior to issue
Articles: Ideal articles are 250 to 500 words in English or Spanish with one or two images.
Images should be submitted as a jpeg or comparable.
Physical events have changed and virtual events became the new addition. Virtual learning is becoming more popular as well. Take advantage of such opportunities.
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